Shuffle Better: Mama Inez by Grant Green

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Shuffle Better: Mama Inez by Grant Green

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Back in the time of CD’s, when the dinosaurs roamed free, and I was earning a lowly wage as a very junior (and probably rather surly) employee at some financial services company, I had a bad habit. Well, actually, I had a few. But the one I speak of here was my penchant for going to HMV on payday and buying $100 or more of new CD’s (which I absolutely could not afford) . I would often get comments from the staff about how varied my tastes were (I am still happily all over the map musically speaking – perhaps otherwise, as well, but that is another conversation). In any case, it was on one of these shopping expeditions that, in addition to electronica, punk, and God knows what else (I once paid $38 to have the Xanadu soundtrack imported from the US – I was on an ELO kick at the time), I found myself in the jazz section. I’d started listening to jazz through compilation albums. which helped me get an ear for what I liked, and I also tried to challenge myself once in a while. On this day I wasn’t being very challenging: I was picking up the 1964 Getz / Gilberto bossa nova album featuring, among others, The Girl From Ipanema. A scruffy-haired HMV employee approached me and said something like “cool selections, man” and asked me if I “dug” bossa nova and latin jazz. We chatted, and I told him I played guitar and this led to him pressing an album called “The Latin Bit” by Grant Green into my hands, which featured a large African American man in a rather comical looking outfit on the cover. I am forever in the debt of that HMV employee though, because I really loved Grant Green, and still do. This song, Mama Inez, was a particular favourite, and although my own band was essentially a hard rock band, we were happy to try anything, and I got pretty close to being able to play this, but never with the skill and flare (and, infuriatingly to me – the seeming ease) with which Mr. Green did in this recording.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do:

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