Banky’s Latest (Halloween Themed) NYC Surprise

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Banky’s Latest (Halloween Themed) NYC Surprise

Banksy, in case you haven’t heard, has recently taken up a limited time “residency” in the streets of NYC. And New Yorkers have been treated to some unusual spectacle during this time!

Here is one of his latest, a Halloween themed performance piece, with a great soundtrack:

Some other recent stuff included this display of an impoverished-looking man shining the enormous shoes of a giant Ronald McDonald:

…a truckload of stuffed animals being driven to fictional slaughter as they pass a butcher shop (apparently this was called “Sirens Of The Lambs”):

And a street stand selling original work (worth a small fortune) for next to nothing. One Chicago man reportedly walked away with over $100,000 worth of Banksy’s work for $180:

Love him or hate him – Banksy is never boring. While most New Yorkers have seemingly been enthusiastic about the visiting artist, local street artists (one named “Math” in particular) are apparently not as enthused about the world-famous Banksy encroaching on their territory, and some of the street art has already been defaced. Click here for links to all of Banksy’s NYC residency-related work.


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